Advanced  Energy  Solutions

Welcome to Earth, Wind & Fire Technologies

Earth, Wind & Fire Technologies LLC (EWF) specializes in the development and implementation of advanced Waste to Energy (W2E) projects, Wind Farms, Photo Voltaic Systems and Commercial/Institutional Construction programs.
The EWF staff has unparalleled experience in all sectors of the commercial and industrial energy arena and environmental bioremediation. EWF, along with its gold standard STRATEGIC ALLIANCES, brings the best in design, management, technology, and funding together to address the energy, environmental and economic challenges that face our country and the world today. Earth, Wind & Fire Technologies is your full-service energy partner.

EWF has identified the challenges of processing and disposing of municipal solid waste and wastewater sewer sludge as an opportunity to lessen America’s dependency on foreign oil. EWF’s Waste to Energy technologies provide local and state governments with the ability to generate alternative fuels and renewable electrical power, translating into tremendous savings to current budgets.

     EWF's W2E processes yield the highest conversion rates to energy than any W2E technology available today. This means that on a per ton basis, we can produce more fuel or electricity than any company in the W2E field. Additionally, EWF is dedicated to the funding and implementation of humanitarian efforts that make a marked difference in the lives of the world’s “helpless and hopeless".

Earth, Wind & Fire Technologies is dedicated to providing
clean energy & healthy environments for people everywhere.